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February 2017

So off to a fair start for the year with plenty of research done for the 2nd book in the Max Judd series (Max Justice being the 1st).

This 2nd book will have more mental health themes than book 1. In fact, chapter one is set in a mental health inpatient unit. Max has moved to NSW and living west of Sydney with Claire and he has his sights set on a couple of individuals outlined in the closing chapters of Max Justice. 

It would be great to get some reviews on Amazon for Max. So if you have a copy, regardless of being paperback or digital and regardless of how you got it, log on and let everyone know about it – particularly the author!

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.” (E.L. Doctorow)

Regards Bob



Bob Goodwin was born in Nottingham, England in 1953. He moved with his parents, brother and 3 sisters to Australia in 1961 on board the Oriana.

The early years were spent mainly in Taringa, Brisbane, with education at Ironside State School and then Indooroopillly High School. Most of Bob’s working career has been in the area of mental health. He completed General and Psychiatric Nursing training and followed this with a Degree in Counselling.

This experience is reflected in much of his writing, and since 1987 he has written many short stories, short plays, one-act plays, short screen plays and feature length screenplays.

In recent years his focus has been on writing fiction novels in the thriller / suspense genre. His third novel will be completed in 2016. “Strike Me Dead” and “The 13th Black Candle” have had some great reviews and are available in all formats (links above).

Some of Bob’s best ideas come first thing in the morning. He will often lie in bed developing the next chapter, plans for the next book or the next play. Some disturbing dreams and real life mental health encounter have been inspirational in character and plot development.


If you wish to read some brief real life stories click here – these are in 2 categories – Mental Health and Remote Area Nursing. Pictures included!! (WARNING – some are quite graphic!)

Major storm about to hit Top Springs - this was pretty scary!!
Major storm about to hit Top Springs – this was pretty scary!!