A remote nursing experience in the NT Australia (part 6)

Running the health clinic and the multitude of health programs in a remote aboriginal community is both challenging and demanding, so when the opportunity to get away on the weekend presents itself we were quick to grab it.

While the road trip was often bumpy and dusty arriving at the isolated billabong was well worth the ride.

These isolated waterholes are part of the river in the wet season, but after the waters subside these beautiful areas become a great picnic area and what’s even better – a great fishing spot for barramundi!!

For the most part they were caught on lures with a careful cast near a submerged log or rock. Unfortunately for me my skills (or luck) didn’t always serve me well and I had to be content to enjoy someone elses catch – but this was just fine and we were rarely short of a big barra steak!

Barramundi can get pretty huge as seen in the pic below. This monster was caught by an elderley aboriginal woman in the local community.

Jenny and Lesley display a big catch!

We got to taste quite a variety of different foods in the Northern Territory including goanna, bush turkey, crocodile and witchetty grubs (I had to toast mine – just couldn’t eat them while they were still squirming!).

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