Emotional Drafting explained

Emotional Drafting is the term used to describe a collection of strategies that can be designed and adapted to manage various emotional difficulties.

There is an emphasis on relaxation (referred to as the “Basic Draft”) as the cornerstone to developing other personal tools that can be used to make significant positive changes in managing stress, conflict and coping difficulties. In addition users of Emotional Drafting can recreate a state of mind or a feeling they once had and use this to manage problems that affect their lives today.

The tools in Emotional Drafting are referred to as “Drafts”. Some of these are:

  • The Basic Draft
  • The Reliving Draft
  • The Draft of Creation
  • The Thoughtful Draft
  • The Writing Draft

Some of these can be done with ease, while others require re-reading and practice. However with a little effort the skill can be perfected and used to great effect.

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Bob Goodwin