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Below is my video which will provide a moment of enjoyable relaxation and if necessary some “time out” or distraction from troubling thoughts.

There are many techniques used to target specific “states of mind” and “feeling states” in the Emotional Drafting eBook. For further information just scroll down this page.

Emotional Drafting operates at many different levels

  • whether you are struggling with distress from moment to moment

  • whether you have episodic times of emotional pain and discomfort

  • whether you have long standing unresolved conflict or coping difficulties

  • whether you are seeking more advanced skills to improve your life or manage difficult situations

Emotional Drafting offers from simple plans of survival thru to advanced strategies for personal growth.

These tools are personal emotional management techniques you can use today & tomorrow.

You can also share these with loved ones, friends & others when they are troubled with emotional difficulties. Learn to help each other!

There are also numerous carefully selected images to assist in the process and allow for personal reflection.

This digital ebook is provided as an easy to read PDF. You are guided through the processes smoothly. There are many “tips” and examples throughout.

You can email me at info@storiesandplays.com with your feedback and enquiries.

While you can expect quick results, there is no overnight miracle to all emotional difficulties – you need to read and re-read & you need to practise.

If you are looking for an easy “quick fix” with no real effort then this is not for you. But if you are prepared to put in a little work with Emotional Drafting you will reap the benefits and enrich your life.

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