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A ONE ACT PLAY Can turning gay be the only way to save the world! In a lab within a secure compound, the Professor has developed a genetic based vaccine for a mutating virus. His assistant and her boyfriend both secretly leave the compound and returned with positive test results.

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Pig Dog

A ONE ACT PLAY This play takes a satirical look at some of the tactics employed, the issues faced and the struggle of the candidates during an election campaign.  The two candidates (Morgan and Denise) meet each other, some of their constituents and a media representative, in a suburban park. 

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Life Cycles

A ONE ACT PLAY A look at the difficulties of a marriage from start to finish through the eyes of angels.  The two angels re-visit various crucial times through the married years and try to unravel the motives and issues.

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"Luck" & Other Strangers

A ONE ACT PLAY Martin, a down and out hobo, meets a mysterious stranger in an alleyway.  The stranger knows more about Martin’s unfortunate life than seems possible.  Two youths taunt then attack Martin, but he is mysteriously granted another chance at life,

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